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The Dent Light is a paintless dent repair (PDR) tool for your iPad. It has multiple features which make it an essential app to measure, photograph and repair hail sized dents on a vehicles exterior panels.Using optimized colours and light patterns similar to ones used by industry experts, the Dent Light app creates a reflection on a vehicles surface panel highlighting dents and allowing your camera to take clearer pictures which results in better repair estimates online. The Dent Light has also shown to be effective in helping measure dents for hail matrices, lease returns and car rental damages.


“Measuring the dents on our lease return helped us decide which dents we needed to have repaired and which ones fell within the allowable tolerance of our agreement. We saved over $100 the first time we used the app.”
~ Lisa R / leaseholder

“I am getting more and more requests for estimates via text messaging and emails, the pictures we receive from our customers using the Dent Light are much clearer which makes it easier for me to give an accurate estimate”
~ Tim C / Body shop manager

“Very handy tool for hail estimating, I feel more confident when determining the correct size classification of hail related dents”
~ Mike D/ Independent Insurance Adjuster

“This is a game changer! The lights make it so anyone can see what the pros see.”
~ Shayne H / automotive enthusiast

Features of the light boards include;

> Fog, line, combo, grid and fluorescent bulb boards which make finding and measuring any dent a breeze.
> Colour dial that helps highlight dents on any colour car.
> Fog dial that customizes your fog intensity to help with repairs.
> Brightness dial to ensure maximum visibility.
> Built-in hail matrix to help with estimating hail damage costs.
> An in-app user guide to ensure maximum effectiveness of the app.






In-App User Guide

As with any dent or hail estimate, it is important that after washing the car you park indoors with adequate lighting and space to walk around safely. Due to the glare created from the sun, the Dent Light is best suited for indoor use only but can be used outdoors 1-2 hours after sunset as long as you stay away from any street lights.

Light board quick tips:
>Pre-wash the vehicle.
>Use the light boards indoors.
>Close nearby garage doors and window coverings.
>Turn off any unnecessary lighting.
>Turn up the brightness dial to maximum which is located on the light board “unlocked” screen.
>Charge tablets battery, hail estimates can take up to an hour.

Body positioning essentials
Using the Dent Light is easy and beneficial, but it may take practice to achieve the steady balance and keen eye that are important to utilizing the app. If necessary have a second person hold the tablet while the other takes the picture.

On side panels it is important to position your camera and tablet to the same height as the damage. (See side panel image) Hold your iPad at arms length, positioning the dent between yourself and the tablet, bring your camera to the correct position so that the dent is positioned in the reflection of the light board. snap several pictures at a time and use the best one of the bunch.

Getting a quotes by e-mail or text
For any small collision or dent repair quotes it’s important that you take at least 2-3 photos from different angles and distances.

>Follow the quick tips listed above.
>For smaller damages use a water marker or piece of tape near but not on the damage, this allows the person who is going to estimate your repair better understand the location of the damage when viewing your distance shot.
>Step back 3-5 feet and snap a distance shot without the Dent Light.
>Move in at arms length and take your close ups with the Dent Light from approximately 45 degree angles.(see side panel image)
>Take another close up but without the Dent light incase there is any paint transfer or scratching that you want calculated into the estimate.

Board selection
Each board in the Dent Light is optimized for different types of uses. Everyone see’s dents differently so these are only guidelines, so feel free to experiment with different colours and boards to suit your eyesight.

Line Board
This board is commonly used by some dent repair professionals to perform repairs, but it is more beneficial for the consumer to be used to photograph and measure.

Fog Board
These boards are the most common boards found in the Paintless Dent Repair industry. They can be used to count and repair most dents but they rely on a trained eye to be read correctly.

Combo Board
This board is the best of both worlds and is also used by professionals to help them see different characteristics of a dent like highs and lows. This is a good board if you want to compare the two styles to see which works best for you.

Grid Board
This board is great for the beginner who is having a hard time locating dents. Because of the criss crossing lines, the correct positioning of the board is less important, and damage is viewable from more angles.

Fluorescent Bulb Boards
Fluorescent Bulbs are still used by some old school professionals who don’t like fog or lined boards but find something special in the reflection of a bulb. This board imitates natural lighting found in shops and can be used to double check repairs.

Using the Dent Light for hail damage
Although it is possible to do an accurate hail estimate with the dent lights provided in the app, it may be cumbersome to use the small screens of the iPads to scan a complete vehicle accurately. In this case it is imperative that you have a trained hail technician equipped with 12v or 110v lighting equipment, to write your official estimate.

First generation iPad positioning essentials First generation iPads have anti-glare technology which makes the models unique in that the “locked” light boards had to be designed to be used in portrait view. Follow the directions given in the coaching bar on the “unlocked” light board screen.

All other iPad models iPad mini 1-4 and iPad Air 1&2 and iPad pro these models are designed to view the “locked” light boards in landscape view, follow the directions in the coaching bar found in the “unlocked” board screen.





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