Collision Magicians Top Ten Facebook Posts for 2015

March, 2016

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We have been extremely pleased with the participation of technicians and enthusiasts from all over the world sharing their favourite tips and tricks with us, to honour everyone’s generosity we have compiled a list, in no particular order of our 10 most popular and favourite posts which were submitted or published on our Facebook page to date. To go to our page and view the videos or to read the complete articles please click on the headers to view.

Hood Washer Nozzle Removal (Video)

Submitted by Christopher Dolan on the Collision Technicians United Group, this life hack is sure to help body and R&I techs around the world, its no wonder why it was so popular, you can watch the short video on our page.

T-shirt Meme

Published by Hardcore Autobody’s Facebook page, this is just a funny shirt that any bodyman would like to have as a gift.

T shirt memes


Metal with Memory

Published in Cosmos magazine on a new material that can return to its shape after being damaged, automotive applications could see a car fix its own dents.

When Your Friend Helps Detail (video)

A short video originally posted on the Street Racing Soldiers Facebook page. This one is just plain funny with a caption of actor Steve Carell shouting what we’re all thinking… Time to get a new friend!

Why Bumpers Don’t Match.

An article found on the Bodyworx Professional Facebook page and was originally published on It’s easy to figure out why this was a popular post, colour matching is one of the biggest annoyances a shop can deal with in its day to day operations and solutions are always welcomed for it!

Dent Light Image

dent Light with without

This is a photograph of a dent both with and without the Dent Light app. What’s interesting about these pictures is that it shows that with the Dent Light you can see two additional dents around the bigger dent which normally would have been missed without the app. Thanks to everyone who helped make this such a popular post!


Body Tech Meme

body tech meme

This image from the Austin Powers movies, whose creator is unknown, was instantly popular on our page. For prepers and paint staff, i guess it hits a familiar nerve!


Airbag Timing (Video)

This video illustrates the difference 1/100th of a second makes on airbag deployment using a watermelon to represent your head. It shows just how precisely an airbag has to work.

Wavy Bodywork Meme

This one is especially humorous because it pokes fun at the bodyman who has challenges getting work through the paint department.

Salute to the Bodyman (video)

Created by 3M, this is a cool video that gives a little respect to the Bodyman. Created to market their latest products, this video gives insight to exactly what a bodyman needs to be at his best – quality supplies. Well played 3M, well played.

So that wraps up our favourite Facebook posts of 2015! To help archive some of these great posts we have started the Facebook group called “AutoBody Tech Tips, Tricks, and Hacks”. If you have a video or picture related to the automotive repair industry that you would like to share then we encourage you to join us!

Written by; Steve Hartley


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